In March a small Interplast team visited our partner, the Modilon General Hospital, in Madang, PNG, working alongside Dr John Maihua, PNG’s only trained plastic surgeon. The following is an edited version of an article published in the Hospital newsletter after the visit.

“The Australian Interplast Team have left behind 14 grateful people who received surgical operations and can once again enjoy almost-near normal use of their hands.

Rebecca sustained her injury in 2015 when criminals slashed her left hand with a bushknife, leaving her hands powerless and rigid after the wound had healed.

With a grateful smile, she lifted her left hand and flexed her fingers, something she had never been able to do since the incident.

Sitting next to her was Rose. Her life changed for the worse in March 2016 when she fell from the steps of her house and broke a bone in her hand. Despite treatment, since then she has lived in perpetual pain until her operation in March. For the first time after a long time, Rose was able to sleep peacefully until daybreak.