Where does Interplast’s funding come from?

Interplast receives funding from a variety of sources. The Australian Government, through DFAT, provides funding, as well as corporate supporters, Rotary Clubs and Districts throughout Australia and New Zealand and of course, general donations from the public!

Who can volunteer to go on an Interplast program activity?

All Interplast activities are strictly for fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals. All volunteers must be currently registered with their peak Australian or New Zealand medical body and need to submit an application to be considered for a volunteering opportunity. However, we’re often on the look out for non-medical volunteers to help out in Australia & New Zealand too! If you wish to extend a helping hand, click here.

Can I go on a program as an observer if I pay my own way?

Interplast often gets requests from medical students and other members of the community to join an overseas program as an observer. While we really appreciate the enthusiasm, unfortunately we are generally not able to accommodate these requests. This is due to the requirements of our overseas partners in terms of non-essential access to hospitals, as well as Interplast’s own policies and guidelines around our international programs.

Interplast does have a small number of observer positions for programs which are part of sponsorship or funding agreements. If you are a medical student covered by Avant insurance, you may be eligible to apply for the Avant/Interplast scholarship.

Does a medical volunteer have to pay to join an Interplast program?

No. All Interplast volunteers are provided with return economy airfares, travel insurance, accommodation, meals, program-related expenses, such as excess baggage, car hire/driver and an interpreter where required as well as all instruments, surgical supplies and anaesthetic equipment.

Does Interplast subscribe to a code of conduct?

Interplast is an accredited signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, which defines minimum standards of governance, management and accountability of development in non-government organisations. A voluntary, self-regulatory industry code, the Code represents the active commitment of overseas aid agencies and non-government development organisations (NGDOs) to conduct their activities with integrity and accountability. Interplast is also an accredited NGO with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and achieving and maintaining this accreditation requires Interplast to be fully compliant with industry standards of best-practice.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Interplast is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation. All donations made over $2 are tax-deductible.

Can I make a donation which is tax-deductible in New Zealand?

Yes! Thanks to our partnership with Rotary New Zealand World Community Service. Click here for more info.

Is it safe to donate to Interplast online?

Donating to Interplast via the online donations section of the website is secure and safe. The donation form operates in a Secure SSL (Secure Socket Layers) Encrypted environment to allow for secure online transactions.

What if I don’t want to donate online?

We understand donating online isn’t for everyone. So, we also accept donations over the phone by calling 03 9249 1231 during business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday AEST) or mail.  Alternatively you can download the forms here and email your completed donation form or post it to us

How do I give feedback or make a complaint?

There are a variety of ways you can provide feedback or lodge a complaint against Interplast. Simply contact us by email, phone (03 9249 1231) or mail. Once received, your feedback or complaint will be dealt with internally for consideration and resolution. Our Complaints Handling Policy details how Interplast is required to deal with any complaint.

Does Interplast have any religious or political affiliations?

No. We are an independent development organisation and carry out our work free from party-political or religious agendas. We have no membership or affiliation to any political party or religion and assist those in need regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

Am I able to donate to a specific country or specific program?

While we appreciate some of our supporters have a particular interest in a country or a specific program, we are unable to allocate money based on this interest. Contributing unrestricted funding enables us to allocate our resources more efficiently, based on where the need is greatest.

Am I able to receive a refund after I’ve donated?

If, in the rare circumstance, you’d like to receive a refund for your donation, please contact the office directly on 03 9249 1231.