A group of people triumphantly hold knitted teddy bears in the air. A pile of teddies is in front of them.

It just takes one Rotarian to change a life

The hard work of Rotarians ensures we can continue to deliver our life-changing work. Fundraising not only provides the vital funds we need to deliver our programs, it also draws attention to the work we are doing and helps the Interplast story reach new audiences.

You can help us to change futures across the Asia Pacific region by hosting an event and inviting family, friends and colleagues.

Download the Rotary Fundraising Guide 2024 and other assets on this page and start planning today.

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Interplast supporter logos

This logo has been developed for you to show support for Interplast and our work. Please use the logo as provided by Interplast and as described in the Rotary Fundraising Guide 2024.


Personalise this letter template to Club Presidents in your area, asking them to consider a donation from the Club to Interplast in their President’s year, and offering a speaker to visit their Club.

Please display this letter of authority to fundraise at your event.


A selection of the most powerful images from Interplast’s work, for you to show exactly what we can achieve together. Please use these photos as described in the Rotary Fundraising Guide 2024.

For permission to use other photos from Interplast’s work, please contact Janette Etherington by email at janette.etherington@interplast.org.au.


Share Interplast’s story with this video.

Interplast and Rotary: Changing lives together for 40 years


These are stories from people who have benefitted from the work of Rotarians through Interplast.


Material you can print to use at your event.

Get in contact

If you need any additional resources or support, please contact Janette Etherington (Coordinator – Rotarian Engagement) via +61 3 7042 5472 or janette.etherington@interplast.org.au.