Following the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic much has changed.

For Interplast, COVID-19 has altered our work across the Asia Pacific region and while we are unable to send teams to perform reconstructive surgery and allied health services, Interplast remains a valued partner during this period of vulnerability across the Asia Pacific region.

Now, more than ever, Interplast is being called upon by our health partners in the Asia Pacific to provide training, mentoring, and ongoing capacity building. Our partners need Interplast more than ever and we need you.

The immediate focus of our work has changed but our mission has not.

Our ability to deliver much-needed training and mentoring has taken on critical importance for medical teams supporting vulnerable communities throughout Asia Pacific. Since our beginnings, Interplast has delivered in-person capacity building, however, COVID-19 requires a different approach.

We have found a virtual solution to a physical challenge.

Interplast staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly to develop an online platform that allows partner hospitals and medical personnel across the Asia Pacific region to connect during this period of great need.

With your support, we are launching a digital service that:

  •  Allows medical professionals in developing countries to view essential training videos and resources on demand
  •  Facilitates virtual conversations and case-planning between Interplast’s volunteers and our partners
  • Provides a secure forum for sharing of ideas, medical responses, mentoring, and case-consultations.

Supporting our partners is essential. Access is vital. Time is critical. Your assistance is crucial.

For Interplast to develop and distribute essential life-saving virtual content and to ensure connectivity continues with partners across the region, I am asking you to support our work by making a tax-deductible donation that has tangible outcomes for those most in need in our region.

Interplast has asked you in the past to help change futures. Now as medical professionals across the Asia Pacific region respond to new challenges we are asking again because your support is vitally important.

The impact of COVID-19 is significant especially amongst health services within developing nations. Your donation will ensure Interplast can continue repairing bodies and rebuilding lives during this difficult period.

To donate please visit