By Di North

This article is taken from the latest edition of our Rotarian Review newsletter.

As the Interplast District Chair for District 9675 for four years, I spent a lot of time visiting clubs to raise awareness of Interplast. In the first two years, the Rotarians of District 9675 raised the significant funds required for an Interplast surgical program. This team went to Labasa, Fiji, in March 2016. The photos and story from this trip enabled me to tell a new story to again enthuse the Rotarians of District 9675 to fundraise for another program.

My next goal was to become a Rotarian Observer on an Interplast surgical program. My application was accepted and I was excited to travel to Tonga with a surgical team in February this year.

The team comprised two plastic surgeons, two anaesthetists, two nurses, a hand therapist, two Rotarian observers and an official photographer. I feel so privileged to have witnessed this team of amazing medical personnel perform the miracle of life-changing surgery for people who would otherwise have no access to this type of surgical care.

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