Transparency and accountability across all aspects of Interplast Australia & New Zealand’s (Interplast’s) work are of primary importance to the organisation and to our supporters.

These values are explicitly stated in our guiding principles and are demonstrated through the following processes and commitments:

Interplast is:

Interplast’s Commitment to our Supporters

We value and respect all our supporters by communicating regularly, acknowledging all support, seeking feedback and listening and responding to concerns. We:

  • will spend your donation wisely and carefully, always mindful of how we can maximise its impact.
  • will respond to your requests; if you want to change the frequency or how we contact you, please let us know.
  • will protect your privacy and data; we do not sell your personal details or share them with any other organisation.
  • will share stories informing supporters and the public about Interplast’s work including operations, people and our combined impact.

Interplast commits to:

  • being accountable to our local partners and the people we reach through your support.
  • protecting the dignity of people in all countries which includes the protection of vulnerable supporters in Australia and New Zealand.
  • carefully selecting which companies we associate with, in line with our Ethical Fundraising Policy.
  • preventing, detecting and correcting fraud, misappropriations, discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, support of terrorism, and other wrongful conduct.
  • ensuring the active involvement of participants (people and communities), providing opportunities for feedback and dialogue with our local partners.
  • ensuring that all communications are respectful of other agencies and avoid making inaccurate or misleading statements in order to create an organisational advantage.

Interplast shares on its website:

  • its current Strategic Plan;
  • an Annual Report, which meets and seeks to exceed the requirements of ACFID and DFAT;
  • independently audited Annual Financial Statements, which meet all requirements of ACFID, the ACNC and all applicable accounting standards;
  • the Board and staffing composition;
  • key policies relating to the governance and operations of the organisation;
  • previous annual and financial reports for the past 10 years;
  • clear and easily understandable information is given about how people can give feedback or make a complaint.

Interplast consistently makes clear the option, and mechanism, to refer a complaint to ACFID, including for concerns relating to Interplast’s compliance with the ACFID Code of Conduct.

Interplast is fully committed to the practices outlined above, and values receiving and responding to feedback.

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