Country Information

With 94 million inhabitants as of 2016 (WHO), Vietnam is the world’s 14th most populous country. Vietnam’s national life expectancy is 81 years for women and 72 for men (WHO,2016) and the infant mortality rate was 21 per 1000 live births (WHO,2018). Despite experiencing some positive economic growth in recent years, the challenge remains to filter these gains through to the poorer sections of society. The country still suffers from relatively high levels of income inequality, disparities in healthcare provision and poor gender equality

Program History

Interplast has been delivering programs in Vietnam since 1997, in partnership with the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, the Da Nang Hospital in Danang, as well as other hospitals in Quang Nam, Tam Ky, Hanoi, Qui Nhon and Haipong. Programs have focused predominantly on burns management and reconstruction and hand surgery, as well as training of hand therapists.

Current Program

In the 2019/2020 financial year, Interplast will deliver an regional surgical skills workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, aimed at building the skills of surgeons from regional areas in Vietnam, and an advanced surgical mentoring program, also in Ho Chi Minh City, focused on complex surgical procedures. For the second time, Interplast will deliver an advanced reconstructive surgical mentoring program to Da Nang, including training in hand and burns rehabilitation therapy.

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