Cameron Glover

Chief Executive Officer

Cameron has been the CEO of Interplast since December 2019. Cameron has proven experience in the non-profit sector with over 10 years’ experience. Cameron has previously worked at Interplast as the Deputy CEO and lead the fundraising, marketing and communications team.

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International Programs Team

Amanda Richmond  – Director – International Programs

Jess Hill – Director – International Programs (currently on leave)

Kari Lyon  – Project Officer – Workforce Development

JT Valiente – Coordinator – International Programs

Leonie Simmons  – Coordinator – Program Equipment & Resources

Zoe Martin – Equipment and Supplies Assistant


Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Team

Janette Etherington – Coordinator – Rotary Engagement

Rebecca Dash – Head of Campaigns & Events

Amanda Whitty – Head of Corporate Partnerships

Finance Team

Alice Kent-Brown – Director – Finance & Corporate Services

Alison Chan – Financial Accountant

Office of the CEO

Peter Huggan – Head of Strategic Projects