Why partner with us…

  • Cement your brand’s association with sustainable development work operating in the Pacific for almost 40 years
  • Demonstrate a measurable commitment to corporate social responsibility and achieve cut through
  • Enhance your corporate reputation and trust in the industry
  • Attract, inspire, engage and motivate staff to enhance morale, teamwork and retention
  • Engage your suppliers and clients by demonstrating social good
  • Foster compassionate leadership culture
  • Connect with hundreds of volunteer our surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals

In return, we deliver a range of unique and compelling benefits to our corporate partners:

  • Your logo and link to your website on the Interplast website
  • Acknowledgement of support in relevant Interplast communications e.g. “Inside Interplast” newsletter
  • Acknowledgement of support on Interplast social media
  • Inclusion in PR campaigns within medical industry
  • Transformational stories / photos / footage and other content for use on your social media and internal communications
  • Framed photos for display at your offices
  • Support certificates for display / presentation at your offices
  • Brochures, showreels & banners for use at your events and staff conferences to promote your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Interplast speakers to inspire staff with real and tangible information on how your company is helping change lives
  • Permission to use Interplast logo within your marketing combined with the words “Proud supporters of Interplast Australia & New Zealand”
  • Assistance with Industry Award applications such as employer of choice awards – provision of testimonials etc.
  • We deliver tailored impact reporting in line with your CSR or ESG benchmarks
“80% of workers say they favour working for organisations that give back to the community”  Meaningful Work Insights 2019