Mr Chris Bennett

  • Embarked on Interplasts’ very first surgical program to Fiji in 1983.
  • Surgical Committee member.
  • Country Coordinator for Laos from 1996-2013.
  • Consolidated the Laos cleft program.
  • Medical volunteer on 32 programs including Samoa,
    Fiji, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Indonesia, Micronesia, Laos,
    Cambodia and Philippines.
  • Actively mentors and supports many young surgeons.

Mr Len Brear

  • Interplast District Chair 2014 – 2017.
  • After noting a decline in the level of support for Interplast in the District to establish a committee to help raise awareness and support.
  • Worked actively to generate opportunities for presentations to clubs in his district and other audiences.
  • Facilitated fundraising events within his District.
  • Actively provided feedback to Interplast regarding Rotary promotion.
  • A regular attendee and speaker at the annual Interplast District Chairs training events where he has shared his knowledge about engaging clubs.

Ms Gillian Dickinson

  • 18 years of volunteering.
  • Member of the Surgical Committee and the Nurses Working Group.
  • Volunteered on 20 programs, primarily as a member of a surgical team, and also in nurse education program activities.
  • Part of the two Interplast teams that responded at short notice to two natural disasters, Banda Aceh after the 2004 tsunami and the Nepal earthquake in 2015.
  • Accompanied programs to countries including Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Fiji and Micronesia.
  • Provided significant mentoring and support to younger nurses, as well as encouraging many to participate in Interplast programs.

Ms Angela Doherty

  • Strong advocate and supporter of Interplast at Cabrini Hospital.
  • Volunteer since 1998 in 14 programs both as part of the surgical team, and in nurse education program activities.
  • Member of the Surgical Committee until 2017.
  • Accompanied programs to the Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, Somalia, Laos and Mongolia.
  • Recently has been on two consecutive programs to Murun in Mongolia as part of a small mentoring team.

Mr David Inglis

  • Board Director from 1984-2016.
  • Vice President from 1993-2010.
  • President from 2010-2016.
  • Deeply involved with Interplast since its inception.
  • Drafted the initial constitution.
  • Represented Interplast at numerous events and activities across several countries as well as accompanying programs to Myanmar, Laos and Pakison.
  • Led the organisation through a significant period of change resulting in Interplast attaining full DFAT accreditation in 2014.
  • Facilitated pro bono legal advice to Interplast through his role at Minter Ellison Lawyers.
  • Awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Melbourne in 2016 for his services to Interplast.
  • Just been awarded The Companion of the College Award, as nominated by the Australian Solciety of Plastic Surgeons.

Mr Peter Keast

  • First Secretary to the Board from 1985-2005.
  • Volunteered as an anaesthetist since 1986 and participated on 7 programs including in Program Development – Needs Assessment to places including Indonesia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Tanzania and PNG.
  • Encouraged many anaesthetists to volunteer and support Interplast.

Mr John Oswald

  • Interplast District Chair – District 9780.
  • Over 25 years of volunteering.
  • Volunteer anaesthetist on 25 programs primarily to Indonesia, PNG, Vanuatu and most recently the Philippines.
  • Founder of the annual clinical observership for anaesthetic registrars from Surabaya and spearheaded the development of an enduring relationship between the Dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya and Ballarat Health Services and Interplast.
  • Team Leader for the Balikpapan program to Indonesia when Interplast was able to deliver the program, and continues to have strong links with the local partners.
  • Actively works to generate opportunities for raising funds and awareness of Interplast across the District.