Our Vision

People in developing countries across the Asia Pacific region have timely access to high quality surgical, medical and allied health services.

Our Mission

To enhance people’s health and wellbeing by enabling access to life-changing reconstructive surgery and related medical services.

Our Purpose

Repairing bodies, rebuilding lives.

Our Values

  • We respect the values, cultures and perspectives of the countries and people with whom we work.
  • In all our endeavours, Interplast remains independent of any political or religious affiliations.
  • We value and harness the support, input and contributions of our volunteers, donors, partners and staff.

Our Philosophy

  • Interplast delivers and enables surgical and related medical services of the highest standards where patient welfare is always of paramount concern.
  • Interplast is collaborative in its approach, building partnerships and fostering strategic alliances.
  • Interplast’s Development Philosophy is underpinned by the fundamental principle that solutions, changes and impact should be sustainable and enduring.
  • Measuring and understanding the impact of the Interplast initiatives is critical to all aspects of the Interplast strategy. Accordingly, transparency, evaluation and accountability is embraced in all Interplast’s undertakings.
  • Interplast responds to needs or opportunities as they arise and as its resources allow. In doing so, Interplast directs its resources and expertise in areas where it can achieve the greatest impact, ideally to those experiencing the greatest disadvantage.

Interplast Strategic Plan 2018-2021

International Program Statement